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GO is quickly becoming a premier destination services provider for relocations and assignments to all destinations in the United States and to many locations throughout the world. Founded in 1998, GO Destination Services is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis.

GO’s ability to consistently deliver world-class personalized destination service is reflected in a 97% satisfaction rating and extraordinary accolades from thousands of relocating associates.

GO believes that people on-the-move should have the finest orientation and destination experience. This is why we maintain a robust, expansive network of professionals to connect relocating associates to their new city with confidence and comfort.

The results provided to GO’s clients are accomplished through the strategic use of technology, passion for service, and a keen understanding of the goals and the client.

Recognitions of Service Excellence

  • 2016 Top 40 MBE for outstanding service
  • 2015 Indiana Companies to watch for growth
  • 2014 Best of Business – Relocation Services for outstanding service
  • 2013 Best of Business – Corporate Relocation for outstanding service
  • 2012 Goal-Maker Award for achieving annual performance measurements
  • 2011 Goal-Maker Award for achieving annual performance measurements
  • 2010 Supplier of the Year Award for outstanding service


  • Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (WWERC)
  • Indiana Employee Relocation Council (IERC)
  • National Veteran Small Business (NVSB)
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
  • Small Business Administration (SBA)

Corporate Office

Official Name:   GO Company USA, Inc.
Founded 1998
Corporate Headquarters:Carmel, Indiana (suburb of Indianapolis)
Founder: John L. Merriweather
Corporate Staff:50+
US Service Coverage:All US destinations
Worldwide Service Coverage: 100+ countries
Certification Program for Consultants Yes
Certification for Destination Service Managers Yes


Date: 01/23/19Founded in 1998, GO has spent the last twenty years growing its service reach throughout the US, Canada, and hundreds of international destinations.

As one of the fastest growing destination service providers in the industry, GO is most recognized for it proprietary destination service apps, personalized service, and tenured service systems.

To expand its reach, GO is eyeing acquisition in Canada and the UK.

CEO John Merriweather offered, “Our clients ask us to have the right coverage and consultants throughout the globe.  When done with the same focus on service and delivery that our clients have grown to love, acquisition can help us reach our growth goals more swiftly!” 

GO is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana.

Source:  GO Management Team

Contact GO today 1.317.848.2022 or
Email info@GoDestinationservices.com

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