Cultural and Language Training Services

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When assignees and their families need comprehensive Cultural and Language Training services, GO stands ready to serve our clients on-the-move across borders, with an internationally diverse team of professionals and alliances. Assignees can be confident knowing that GO will begin working with them once the assignment date is established.

Assignees can look forward to...
Comprehensive, multi-platform classes in-person and online

An adaptive needs assessment to fit their learning style, assignment type,
employee experiences and training delivery requirements.

Carefully selected intercultural trainers for each program based on the assignees’ needs and location

Our programs can be catered to Individuals, Groups, and Families alike and in flexible ranges of time.

View  the some the features that can be included in a cultural training package for any of these groups:



verb – \in-ˈgāj, en-\ – to come together and interlock.


Engage fully with the host country’s culture as an individual – but not alone.




verb -\in-tər-ˈakt\- to  act on or in close relation with each other.


Interact with colleagues to work together through cultural encounters.




\i-ˈmərs\-verb-to make fully involved in some activity or interest.


Immerse within the depths of the host country’s culture.

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