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GO Destination Services has implemented many technological advancements in our daily work to enhance the destination service experience for not only the relocating associate, but for our whole company. GO offers a NorthStar program and app for local consultants to upload documents, connect with associates, provide information, and keep accurate records, which provides a positive experience for everyone involved with the relocation. Keeping up to date with the latest technological advancements, GO has also begun utilizing SAM, our A.I. Service Mentor that can speak over 120 languages and dialects, to provide personalized information to the associate in a quick but comprehensive video format.

NorthStar App

GO’ technology simplifies, enhances, and perfects the destination service experience. From artificial intelligence to analytics and reporting, GO’s NorthStar Platform surpasses industry standards.
NorthStar is GO’s proprietary technology that efficiently manages authorizations, easily creates reports, and provides a communication platform for associates, counsellors, consultants, and program managers.
GO’s NorthStar VIP mobile app allows the associate to track the progress of their service from start to finish by giving access to reports, calendars, and chat. All information and communication from the app are captured in the NorthStar CRM and monitored for optimal service delivery.

GO Destination Services implements revolutionary and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to enrich and enhance destination service support. Whether the interest is organic grocery stores, youth soccer, or hair salons, SAM provides 100% customized research for personal interests and hobbies right at the associate’s fingertips through the NorthStar VIP mobile app.

SAM speaks over 120 different languages and accents and presents with many diverse features. SAM provides engaging customized content, personalized area information, as well as authorization specific tips and tutorials for the settling in process. GO’s unique approach of combining artificial intelligence and personalized attention provides associates with a clearer understanding of expectations and a greater connection to the local community.

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For a perfect destination service management, GO offers APIs for real-time updates and personalized information on local markets. Imagine the benefits.

NorthStar provides:

  • Real-Time Updates
  • Communication Tracking (i.e. emails and calls)
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Initial Contact Report
  • Rental Property Options
  • Area Orientation Report
  • Home-finding Itinerary
  • Report: Lease Summary
  • Pre-post Condition Report
  • Settling-In Report
  • Service Completion Report

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