Corporate Team

Founder, President & CEO

John Merriweather


Executive Vice President

Lynda Gaughan


Manager, AR/AP

Amy Hutcheson

I have been with GO over 3 years, and I have been the AR/AP Director for 2 of those years. I have been a part of the SMILE committee since I started,  and enjoy thinking of new ways to create an awesome office culture. I also enjoy helping to set…

Vice President of Relationship Management

Michelle Roberts


Senior Global Account Manager

Mandy Tancak


Global Account Director

Ann Callarman

Talent Acquisition Manager

Brian Bachus

Brian recently joined the GO Destination Services team in the role of Talent Acquisition Manager. He had spent the last 36 years of his career in the Financial Services industry. The range of his career involved individual sales to families and businesses and building lifetime relationships. He was Vice President…

Business Process Manager

Vicki Lucas

Vicki Lucas is the Business Process Manager at GO. She is responsible for assigning services, performing lease reviews, and many other administrative duties that keep the office running. Vicki has 33 years of business experience and has a background in both legal and accounting fields. Education/Experience: Vicki has a business…

Senior Programmer

Gouri Sankaru Gadupudi

International Program Manager

Nick Underwood

Nick has lived in many different states and countries himself, he understands what makes a successful relocation, and enjoys imparting the knowledge gained to help others. Nick has spent two years in this industry and 20 years overall. His greatest accomplishment is raising two children. Nick gives back by supporting kid’s sports…

International Program Manager

Holly Jones

As an International Destination Service Manager, Holly enjoys meeting people from a variety of cultures and has a passion for helping others relocate and feel at home. She has relocated both domestically and internationally and understands the excitement, also challenges that come with moving. She likes helping others in making…

Global Experience Manager

Ann Hinch

With nearly two years of experience in corporate relocation, Ann is diligent and detailed in her role as a Destination Services Manager for GO. She brings to the job a dedicated work ethic and decades of experience in communications as well as managing people and resources. She also possesses a…

Senior International Program Manager, Relationship Management Division

Neha Agarwal

As expat herself, Neha has experience working across the globe. She has worked in the areas of executive leadership hiring, knowledge management, data/ content management and human resources over the years. Education/Experience: MBA HR, Bachelors in Commerce Hobbies: Travel, cooking (would contribute recipes for an online magazine), reading.

Senior International Program Manager

Anna Zieleniewska

Anna has gained her global mobility experience in different roles within the industry, but also from her personal experience relocating to Mexico, and then to the US. She has graduated from Ibero- and Ibero-American Studies in Warsaw and attended a postgraduate program of Diplomatic Servicein Warsaw. She speaks Polish, English,…

Relationship Manager, UK Division

Clarissa Burns


Managing Director

Michelle Luksic

Michelle Luksic has seven years’ experience as an area consultant in theWestchester County area of New York, and the Fairfield County area of Connecticut and is a licensed realtor in Greenwich, Connecticut.Michelle’s understanding of international relocation comes not only fromher work in the area, but also from her own family’s…

Managing Director

Juliana Serrao

Juliana Serrao is a Brazilian Relocation Specialist and Real Estate Agent with expertise in the Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT, areas. She moved to Connecticut in 2014 and started working as a Relocation Consultant at Go Destination Services in early 2018. During this time, Juliana helped several families…

Managing Director

Kat Longmire

Kat Longmire serves as the Managing Director for the Greater Miami region. She has worked as a Destination Service Consultant for over 5 years, successfully helping employees from all over the world move to their new community in South Florida. Prior to this, she served over 20 years as a…

Business Process Manager

Sam Elliott

Sam comes to the destination services industry with a diverse background based in communications. With a decade of experience as a journalist then two years as a marketing writer, among other adventures, he’s always up for exploring new topics, connecting with new subjects, and quickly learning new things. As part…

International Program Manager, Team Lead

Candace Stallworth

As an International Destination Service Manager, Candace is entrusted with coordinating a seamless move for your associates. Before joining the GO team, Candace spent several fruitful years in the travel industry exploring the world. She is no stranger to the stresses that can come with uprooting and now dedicates her…

Business Process Manager

Laura Hutcheson

Laura started at GO in 2019 as the Service Coordinator and has recently been promoted to a Business Process Manager. She loves getting to be a part of GOs great work culture and is excited to continue learning new things about the relocation service industry. Education/Experience: GED Hobbies: Laura enjoys…

International Program Manager

Lori Caracciolo

Lori has 20 years of experience in the destination services industry and enjoys helping others make a successful move to a new location. Eight personal moves within ten years (both domestic and international) have helped her to understand the challenges that accompany a relocation. Lori loves to spend time with…

International Program Manager

Sharon Knerr

As a Destination Service Manager, Sharon enjoys meeting and talking with new people and has a passion for helping others relocate and feel at home. She likes helping others make a smooth transition. Sharon has a passion for quality service and is committed to every client. Education/Experience: Sharon has over…

International Program Manager

Maria Bashford

Maria has nearly six years’ experience in the Relocation Service Industry. Having relocated internationally with her own family, she understands the complexities of such moves and the importance of every detail. Helping make every move seamless, exciting, and straightforward is important to Maria. With nine years of experience in the…

International Program Manager

Winta Tekle 

Education/Experience:  Hobbies:  Nickname(s): 

International Program Manager

Anne Morrell

Title: International Program Manager Email: Anne is an experienced manager and a background in real estate relocation. Driven by results,relationships, and self–motivation she takes pride in providing the best possible outcomes. Anneapplies the same principles to each and every transaction; integrity, attention to detail, and timelyresponsiveness. Education/Experience: University of…


Bernadette Galit 

Bernadette is an experienced Bookkeeper and Customer Service Representative. She received a multiple awards being a Customer Service Representative. She also works hard to achieve her goals for her family. Education/Experience: Studied Bachelor of Science in Accountancy / Bookkeeper / Customer Service Representative Hobbies:  I love spending time with family.…

International Program Manager

Jennifer Rodriguez

Jennifer Rodriguez is an International Destination Service Manager at GO Destination Services. She has 5 years of relocation experience and is a native Spanish speaker. Jennifer graduated from Connecticut College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Education/Experience: 5 years of relocation experience. Graduated from Connecticut College with a psychology…

International Program Manager

Joan Carrier

Joan is an experienced Realtor who owns her own real estate company in Holland Michigan. She is a transplant to West Michigan from Chicago where she was a partner at Re/Max County Line in Burr Ridge, Illinois. She achieved Re/Max Hall of Fame status after ten years of Platinum level…

International Program Manager

Eliana Rejman

For the last 30 years Eliana has been travelling and living in 3 different continents, experiencing the life of an expat and exploring all those different cultures. She believes that this ability to understand cultural differences has made her better qualified for her job. She joined GO Destination Services first…

International Program Manager

Gezanne Figuracion

Born in the Pearl of Orient Sea, the Philippines. A proud Filipina. Worked in the travel industry providing excellent customer service assistance for more than 6 years. Education/Experience: Bachelor of Science in International Travel and Tourism Management Hobbies: I love to watch movies or series and do karaoke with my…

International Program Manager

Nerissa Maclang

Nerissa Maclang, a Filipina who recently joined GO Destination Services as an International Destination Service Manager. She is an experienced customer service representative and accounts officer in the Real Estate Industry. She takes pride of her experiences working with diversed cultures that developed her communication and people skills. Education/Experience: Bachelor…

International Program Manager

Sunny Lico

Sunny Lee Joyce Lico has a background in Customer Service support with over six years of experience and worked as a Freelance Content/Research writer. Sunny is assiduous and comprehensive in her role as a Destination Services Manager for GO. She composes a strong work ethic, considerable people skills, and systematic…

International Program Manager

Karen Spain

Title: International Program Manager Email: Karen Spain is an International Destination Service Manager at GO Destination Services. Shereceived a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Purdue University. She loves helping others.Education/Experience: Bachelors of Science in Psychology Hobbies: She loves cooking, spending time with family and traveling. Nickname(s): N/A

International Program Manager

Megan Putnam

Title: International Program Manager Email: Megan joins the GO team as an International Destination Service Manager. With a passion forhelping others with a kindness and compassion, she knows both the stresses and excitements thatcome from moving to both small towns and large cities. Using her professional experience in realestate,…

Business Process Manager

Melissa Isbell

Title: Business Process Manager Email: Melissa was born in Canton, OH, moving to Indiana at the age of 9. She has been married to her highschool sweetheart for 21 years. Melissa has an associates degree in Information Technology.Melissa is the mom to 4 children ranging in age from 7…

Education Consultant & International Program Manager

Colleen Warnick

Title: Education Consultant & International Program Manager Email: Colleen has devoted the majority of her professional career to the field of education. She has heldteaching, coaching, and administrative positions in the private school industry in addition to being anentrepreneur. Education/Experience: Colleen earned her BA degree in International Relations and…

International Program Manager

Deanna Walters

Title: International Program Manager Email: Being in the relocation industry is the best job Deanna could have ever hoped to find. She lovesmeeting people from around the world and learning about different cultures. She truly believes we allhave so much to learn from one another, and she has been…

International Program Manager

Melanie Johnson

Title: International Program Manager Email: Though native to California’s Silicon Valley, Melanie has traveled extensively across the USA,throughout Europe, Mexico, and Asia, and has lived near Paris and in Mexico City. Her passions arefor learning about languages and cultures, and spending time with her husband and family. Education/Experience: Universidad…

International Program Manager

Andrea Dugan

Title: International Program Manager Email: Andrea Dugan was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently resides in Carmel, Indianawith her family. Andrea is passionate about helping others comfortably and confidently relocate intoa new community. She graduated from Indiana University with degrees in English and Sociology.Before joining the GO…

International Program Manager

Sharon Howard

Title: International Program Manager Email: Education/Experience: Hobbies: Nickname(s):

International Program Manager

Yvonne Van de Camp

Title: International Program Manager Email: Yvonne, a native of the Netherlands, resides for 8 years in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Yvonne was aDestination Services Consultant for the last 5 years. Yvonne has gained her experience in the globalmobility experience in different roles in the industry but also from her relocation…

Business Process Manager

Danielle Thome

Title: Business Process Manager  

Graphic Design Manager

Jona Pearl Sta. Catalina

Title: Graphic Design Manager  

International Destination Services Manager

Susan Altman

Title: International Destination Services Manager  

International Program Manager

Maria Williams

Title: International Program Manager  

International Program Manager

Lois Kathrine Jocson

Title: International Program Manager  

Destination Service Manager

Angie Brecheisen

Title: Destination Service Manager  

Senior International Program Manager

Barbara Cartwright

Title: Senior International Program Manager  

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