Located in the heart of Ginza, on the 6th floor of the newly established Tokyu Plaza, sits Sukiyabashi Sabo. An in-between destination, undefinable as restaurant or cafe, but presenting a completely unique approach to art-focussed food and beverages.

Sukiyabashi Sabo is a halfway point between luxury and casual dining, as an intimate escape in the bustling department store and Ginza district. Perfect for that in-limbo shopping stop to rest tired limbs with a stellar view and excellent selection of coffee, Japanese teas and cocktails. It’s a hidden oasis, perfect to hold a private meeting or to bring a special guest to enjoy the panoramic views.

Walking in, an atmospheric amber glow transcends throughout the space from its golden paper lantern lighting and dark wooden features on tables and velour lounges. Designed by Studio Sawara, it holds a striking interior almost 5 stories high, with white latticework walls, and three dramatic sculptural ribbon work installations.

There’s a distinct Japanese touch in each element of the space, with meals presented in handmade Japanese lacquerware, handblown glass bowls, and hammered stainless steel cutlery.

Most surprising and impressive is the completely succinct and unique menu, though it can seem limited, is quite extraordinary to find offered in a casual place like this. Led by acclaimed Ginza chef Yoshihisa Akiyama of Geese Six (Mutsukari) restaurant, vegetables are championed and presented in artistic form usually reserved for the Michelin stars. It’s difficult to choose from their signature dish Nikogori with Vegetables (Seasonal pumpkin, Japanese Yam, Yellow Chrysanthemum, Red Konjac, Lotus Root set in Jelly with dried bonito), or their Vegetable Mangekyo, a colourful and diverse dish presented as if looking through a kaleidoscope. For a hearty and simple choice, the New Form Of Beef Bowl with red wine rice, radish sprouts and egg is an absolutely delicious new take on the classic bowl. Here, find umami.

Stop by at night or come during the day, with coffee by Tokyo-based Obscura Coffee Roasters offered through a syphon drip, and a Japanese tea selection presented by Ocharaka tea store, fusing traditional elements with a contemporary flair. For beer, try a Kagua Rouge (roasted malt and pepper), or the rice wine Hakurakusei Jyunmai-dai Ginjo sake from Miyagi prefecture, smooth and light. For their seasonal cocktail list, try a Japanese White Russian with Azuki Beans and Matcha Green Tea, or Shiso & Amanatsu Orange Mojito.

As an undefinable and inevitably unassuming space, find an excellent curation of local food and beverage here in an ultimately casual setting, where to the left, find the Kiriko Public Lounge Space and piano with occasional pianist, adding to the diverse and atmospheric environment.

Sukiyabashi Sabo Tokyo
Tokyu Plaza Ginza 6F
5-2-1 Ginza
Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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