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GO Employee Survey Results (2021)
Fun at Work85.4%
Gratifying Work90.6%
Work/Life Balance88%
Co-Workers Communication93%
Communication from Mgmt91%
Recognition from Mgmt88%
Overall Satisfaction92%
Client Survey Results (2021)
Overall Satisfaction97%
Communication from Mgmt91%
"[GO Area Consultant] was AMAZING! I have had multiple tours of Indy and this one with her was by far the best. She was warm, knowledgeable and she even had snacks lol. She also helped me find a place that I love! I would totally recommend her to anyone relocating to the area."
- Brianna M., Passaic, NJ
"The tour with [GO Area Consultant] was great despite the challenging weather. I was able to get a better sense of the city and drive through different neighborhoods. We checked a few apartments and [GO Area Consultant] had prepared a comprehensive list of apartment buildings."
- Kassem B., Nashville, TN
"I just wanted to thank you for the tour of Indianapolis earlier today. You did an exceptional job and Thomas and I had so much fun seeing everything the city has to offer! Really, it was fantastic and you were wonderful! Thank you for your kindness, expertise, and sense of humor! :)"
- Laura S., Indianapolis, IN
"My Area Consultant was a fabulous guide for the rental and orientation days. Working with her has been the best part of my relocation experience to date. The most valuable part was getting her insight into the different communities around Irvine… I’d highly recommend her to anyone seeking support in relocating there.”
- Eibhlin P., Irvine, CA
"Our orientation week has been really valuable and our Area Consultant has been instrumental in making our week a big success!...She showed great flexibility to schedule viewings spread over 3 different days and sometimes on very short notice based on specific requests from us. And last but not least we also felt that she showed an enormous dedication to help us find what we really want…Thank you so much for having arranged her support. We highly recommend her to anybody looking for a property in the Santa Maria area."
- Jeroen B., Santa Maria, CA
"We had a great time with our Area Consultant on Thursday and she really helped us better understand the area. We think we may have found a place that can work but we are still looking. Our Area Consultant helped in getting the ball rolling in the right direction of finding a place. We are still in contact with her to get opinions on places that we are considering renting. Overall she really did a wonderful job helping us understand the area and giving us confidence that we will find the right place for us to start our lives in Orange County."
- Nicole E., Orange County, CA
"Thanks a lot [GO Area Consultant] and appreciated your efforts towards to drive our goal. I would say you are the initial start-up for us to drive our life here."
- Anbu P., Houston, TX
"The visit with [GO Area Consultant] went great! We got to see a lot of great options and we just submitted our application for a place last night. [GO Area Consultant] was a huge help. She was both professional and friendly, giving us the perspective we needed to find a good home. We couldn't have done it without her deep knowledge of Irvine's inner workings."
- Mohamad M., Irvine, CA
"The services provided by GO and my Area Consultant were simply fantastic. All of my needs and preferences outlined in my completed questionnaire were addressed, and my Area Consultant certainly went above and beyond to provide me not only with great options for living arrangements but also a fantastic tour of spots in Indianapolis I was not familiar with, even after previously living there. The most valuable part of the service was definitely the attention to detail regarding rental options presented, all of which fell within my preferred price range, amenities, and location."
- Tom B., Indianapolis, IN
"Our Area Consultant was absolutely amazing. We couldn't have asked for a better guide. She continually modified our day based on our personal interests and personalities. She was extremely helpful!"
- Stephanie N.
"I met with my Area Consultant regarding my relocation to the San Francisco bay area in California. She was fantastic! Punctual, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and well-prepared. Not only did I feel she provided me with excellent guidance around my relocation, I also thoroughly enjoyed her company. Definitely a very positive experience for me, and I would have no hesitation utilizing her services (or those of your organization) in the future."
- Andrew G., San Francisco, CA
"The service your organization provided was excellent. You were able to meet our needs/demands within a short time frame due to the urgency of the situation. Our Area Consultant was excellent in all aspects for us regardless of the short preparations she endured. She was able to put a tour together in a very small time frame (2-4) days."
- Demetrius F.

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