GO Team

International Destination Service Manager

Cindi Offenbaker

Cindi was previously a Destination Services Consultant for several years before joining the GO team as an International Service Manager. She understands the important work our DSCs do to assist associates in their hometowns. Cindi’s goal is to make sure that the DSC gets the support he/she needs to provide…

International Destination Service Manager

Anna Zielenieska

Anna has gained her global mobility experience in different roles within the industry, but also from her personal experience relocating to Mexico, and then to the US. She has graduated from Ibero- and Ibero-American Studies in Warsaw and attended a postgraduate program of Diplomatic Servicein Warsaw. She speaks Polish, English,…

International Destination Service Manager

Neha Agarwal

As expat herself, Neha has experience working across the globe. She has worked in the areas of executive leadership hiring, knowledge management, data/ content management and human resources over the years. Education/Experience: MBA HR, Bachelors in Commerce Hobbies: Travel, cooking (would contribute recipes for an online magazine), reading.

International Destination Service Manager

Ann Hinch

With nearly two years of experience in corporate relocation, Ann is diligent and detailed in her role as a Destination Services Manager for GO. She brings to the job a dedicated work ethic and decades of experience in communications as well as managing people and resources. She also possesses a…

International Destination Service Manager

Jaleah Bond

Jaleah has lived in many states throughout her life, as her dad served in the US Army for 23 years. She knows what it’s like having to move around and start over in a new place. She now lives in Westfield, IN with her boyfriend, Christopher, and their 3 dogs.…

International Destination Service Manager

Holly Jones

As an International Destination Service Manager, Holly enjoys meeting people from a variety of cultures and has a passion for helping others relocate and feel at home. She has relocated both domestically and internationally and understands the excitement, also challenges that come with moving. She likes helping others in making…

International Destination Service Manager

Nick Underwood

Nick has lived in many different states and countries himself, he understands what makes a successful relocation, and enjoys imparting the knowledge gained to help others. Nick has spent two years in this industry and 20 years overall. His greatest accomplishment is raising two children. Nick gives back by supporting kid’s sports…

Senior Programmer

Gouri Sankaru Gadupudi

Marketing Manager

Hayli Carter

Business Process Manager

Vicki Lucas

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