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GO provides you with the perfect blend of technology, experience, systems, and an army of consultants around the globe.


From artificial intelligence to real-time reporting to APIs, GO leads the pack when it comes to cool technology. And the proof is in the personalization.

SAM (Service A.I. Mentor)

Artificial intelligence combined with professional consultants

NorthStar (Powered by GO)

GO’s powerful application to manage every client needs

API Ready

Capable of supporting Application Programming Interface that provides different data services for clients

Meet SAM

Whether the interest is organic grocery stores, youth soccer, or the hair salons, SAM provides 100% customized research for personal interests and hobbies. 


SAM provides updates, tips, reminders, and best practice for settling-in services such as obtaining a driver’s license, opening a bank account, and acquiring a social security card. 


To enhance the experience, SAM also provides trusted, supplemental guidance for home-finding, school search, and area orientation. 


With GO, artificial intelligence combines with professional consultants to provide extraordinary destination service and support. 


From home-finding to settling-in, SAM is provides an array of services.   


SAM speaks 60 languages with hundreds of dialects. 


NorthStar App

NorthStar is GO's proprietary technology that manages authorizations, creates reports, and offers users an app experience that is second to none.

NorthStar provides: 

  • Real-Time Updates 
  • Communication Tracking (i.e. emails and calls) 
  • Real-time Reporting 
  • Initial Contact Report 
  • Rental Property Options 
  • Area Orientation Report 
  • Home-finding Itinerary 
  • Report:  Lease Summary 
  • Pre-post Condition Report 
  • Settling-In Report 
  • Service Completion Report 


For a perfect destination service management, GO offers APIs for real-time updates and personalized information on local markets. Imagine the benefits.

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